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    悦博国际网站That was the real point about Miss Platt, that she was willing to pay. The brief interview had shown Millicent a middle-aged, rather stout woman, with a face like a strawberry that is afraid that at any moment it may be eaten, over-dressed, nervous and in some as yet undefined way, a little touching. She[Pg 52] had taken, it seemed, to Millicent at once, calling her "my dear" and wanting to pay her anything in reason. "I'm so tired," she said, "and I've seen so many women. They are all so pale. I want some one bright about the house."


    But as the two women went out of the room together one whispered to the other:
    "What do you mean?" said Henry again.
    Millie suddenly stopped.


    1."I never seem to meet such people now or to see such things. Was it only my youth perhaps that made me fancy it all like that? You and Henry, may be, are imagining things in just that way now. Stephen, for instance, my fisherman friend. I've never met any one like him since—so good, so simple, so direct, so childlike. I knew magnificent men in the War as[Pg 106] direct and simple as Stephen, but they didn't affect me in the way he did—that may have been my youth again.
    3.[Pg 270]
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